Covid-19, December 2020: The Ruby Red Slippers

When the mercury climbed to 10ºC on December 1, Vanya – our neighbour two doors to the north – was spotted in slippers that are somewhat reminiscent of Dorothy’s in The Wizard of Oz. (Just like an old film, they’re also scratched and faded.) We are buoyed up by their cameo, even if clicking her heels together three times won’t return us to life as it was before the pandemic.  

Keeping the narrative firmly under the rainbow, clear nights make it a snap to wish upon a star and brisk winds have done the job dissipating many of the clouds. As for troubles melting away, we have faith in vaccines to help that happen in good time. If lyricist Yip Harburg had been writing about Montreal in early December instead of Oz in the summer, he might well have substituted for flying bluebirds the skein of noisy Canada geese which just passed overhead.

Covid-19 numbers remain high, hopes are dashed for relaxed restrictions to permit small holiday gatherings among family and friends, and sombre moods linger well into the final month of this dreadful year. But we are getting closer to reclaiming our lives - and that's not merely dreaming in Technicolor.

Merry Christmas, happy (belated) Hanukkah, good riddance to 2020 and all the best for 2021! 

© 2021 Daniel Wiener