Covid-19, February 2021: Snowed Under

Another month has come and gone, but anxiety and apprehension about Covid-19 persist. Vaccine delays, fear of new, highly infective variants coming to our shores from Brazil, South Africa and the UK, and just plain weariness are taking their toll. On February 8 the government hit “shuffle” on the pandemic playlist, adding a few new wrinkles to otherwise tired protocols. Some nonessential businesses reopened with restrictions, but the 8 PM curfew remained in effect in Montreal and other red zones, while being pushed back to 9:30 PM elsewhere.

When this odyssey is over – and here's hoping that day will arrive sooner rather than later – Premier Legault let us know that legislation will be introduced in the National Assembly to tighten up Bill 101 (the charter of the French language). There’s always something to look forward to! 

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