Covid-19, November 2020: Perspective

...To you from failing hands we throw

  The torch; be yours to hold it high.

                                                                            – Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, In Flanders Fields

November 11 is Remembrance Day, a time to honour the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Regrettably, the sharp spike in Covid-19 cases makes scaling back the ceremony and limiting public access to the small cenotaph in nearby Hampstead Park unavoidable.

Despite infection numbers reaching critical levels, there has been some reluctance to recognize that whatever we have been asked to curtail is for the common good. While frustrations percolate over restraints on get-togethers, now and then there is an act so egregious in scope of irresponsibility and selfishness that the long arm of the law must intervene. On November 4, Montreal police raided a parking garage on Décarie Boulevard near Queen Mary Road. Drugs? Weapons? Organized crime or gang-related activity? Not even close! Plans were afoot to hold an illegal wedding in that setting. The absurdity of walking down the aisle to the tune of The Beatles' Drive My Car or Rihanna's Shut Up and Drive aside, how tone deaf are these people?

Typical November conditions that toughen us up for the long winter ahead – gloomy days, chilly nights, rain, sleet and snow – were put on hold by an Indian summer for the ages. Especially welcome this year, soaring temperatures lifted the mood in the neighbourhood and throughout the city as we carry on under a partial lockdown. 

© 2020 Daniel Wiener