Covid-19, September 2020: Roll The Dice

During the 1980s I would visit the goldfields of rural Nevada, photographing projects for Echo Bay Mines while staying in neglected and soulless towns with fading casinos as their centrepiece. Without a hint of glamour or charm, these establishments were singularly successful in separating miners and labourers from their hard-earned paycheques.

All these years later, my antipathy to gambling is resurfacing. While I understand the incredible urge to get back to life as it was before the pandemic, I also realise decisions made under political, economic or societal pressure can have severe ramifications. Covid-19 has proven to be a very patient croupier, secure in the knowledge that when one plays long enough, the house always wins. Under the spectre of a second wave, September, traditionally the month of new beginnings when we head back to school, has become the month we collectively roll the dice. We put kids onto buses and into classrooms with dubious ventilation, trying our best to enforce social distancing, the wearing of face masks, hand washing, etc…, but remain aware that as the temperature drops and we spend more time indoors, the risk of infection escalates.

Enough cogitation. My photography revels in the impulsive, the glaringly obvious and the decidedly frivolous! What follows is a camera’s-eye view of the neighbourhood this month. 

© 2020 Daniel Wiener