We're Here! 2021 Calendar and 2020 Christmas Card

A work in progress celebrating the 100th anniversary of Wallace & Carey

After the absence of a year,  bringing back the calendar would provide Wallace & Carey a daily presence in the offices, boardrooms, lunchrooms and homes of clients, suppliers, teammates, and their families. Celebrating the Canadian spirit, it is an essential, go-to tool for organizing busy lives that will inspire, motivate or just bring a smile to someone who’s having a rough day. 

A 100th-anniversary calendar will be even more special. Beyond a commemorative crest that recognizes the company’s centenary, important dates in the history of Wallace & Carey will be recognized on the monthly grids.


The Theme:

We're Here! perfectly defines this company that has always delivered for clients no matter what the hurdle, and will continue to do so in its second century. 


The Format: 

●Similar to calendars we have produced in the past. 

●The unique dimensions immediately set the calendar apart from others, and give the images their own space to have maximum impact. 

●Coupling the photographs with quotes from prominent Canadians amplify the strength of the message. Proudly Canadian, Wallace & Carey is an essential part of our Canadian landscape, our Canadian communities, and our Canadian approach to living! 

●With no need for translation, space is freed up to enlarge the calendar grid and incorporate 100th-anniversary touches without crowding advertisers’ logos. 


An Approach to Branding Without Making the Calendar Overtly Commercial: 

●The cover photograph will capture what Wallace & Carey does best: serving clients since 1921! A Wallace & Carey truck will traverse the open Canadian landscape, or navigate a congested city expressway.  

●Certain months can feature a unique take on an event the company has long been associated with, such as The Calgary Stampede in July. 

●The back cover of the calendar will have text that briefly recounts highlights from the company’s history, as well as look forward to the next 100 years. The text can be framed by thumbnail portraits of teammates.



●Because the calendar must be printed in late August or just after Labour Day, work on this project actually began on speculation in August 2019. 

●Photography to be completed by end of July 2020, followed by design, advertisers’ logos and distribution numbers locked in by mid-August so that paper can be ordered and press time reserved. 


The Bottom Line:

●Simple and impactful in message, photography and design, there is no need to splurge on pricy special inks, multiple varnishes, embossing or other add-ons.

●By tightly sticking to a preproduction timeline, cost overruns will be avoided.

●All calendars will be delivered to Wallace & Carey headquarters in Calgary, avoiding trucking charges and provincial taxes.

●Some of the photographs will have additional usages, such as in future tradeshow booths, displays and trade advertisements. 

●The 2021 We're Here! centennial calendar will be a bargain in terms of communicating Wallace & Carey’s importance to all who receive it. That is its intrinsic value.

© 2020 Daniel Wiener