Off Track, Offbeat, But Not Off-Colour

I’m fascinated by how goods are moved, so it’s not surprising that I took notice of a particular type of rolling stock marooned for weeks on the CP overpass straddling the Décarie expressway.

Occupying a siding south of Jean-Talon, these autorack railcars reach from Décarie nearly to Wilderton, a distance of approximately 2.5 km. They are designed to carry new vehicles from assembly plants and ports, but a worldwide microchip shortage has severely reduced automobile production. While, at present, there is no demand for what these railcars were built for, they have proven to be irresistible targets for taggers and graffiti artists.

A ribbon of greenery lines both sides of the tracks. When juxtaposed with out-of-focus, spray-painted markings on the railcars, the result is a melding of Mother Nature’s aestival palette with brash, nearly over-the-top colours.

Away from the rails, the summertime theme carries on in a mixed bag of photos.

© 2021 Daniel Wiener